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Is Your Company Name DAMN Good?

I was recently asked, “What makes a company name good?”  The question, while seemingly simple, was cause for a lengthy pause of thought.   As the owner of a brand development agency, one would think a reply to such a question would fly right off my tongue, but it didn’t.  I replied with the best answer I could on short thought.   I spent quite some time in the days following pondering a more adequate answer, should I get asked again.   This year alone, Colossal Agency has consulted or developed names for over 10 companies and/or products.  In each instance, there were a variety of objectives and considerations unique to each case.  I thought I would use this blog update to share our philosophy on name development and share a little insight into our process.

We develop DAMN good names.  Now before you close your browser window and write us off as egotistical maniacs, let me explain.   We believe that for a name to be a good one, most importantly it has to be effective.   So we developed a process to ensure that the names we develop are effective first.  We do that by following the DAMN rules.  If you haven’t picked up on it by now, DAMN is an acronym we created that highlights all of the attributes of an effective name.

All D.A.M.N good names are:

#1 – Descriptive – does the name adequately explain the business?

#2 – Available – trademarking and URL availability.

#3 – Memorable – is it easy to remember for later recall?

#4 – Natural – the intangible, does it “feel” right?

Let’s run a great company name through the DAMN test.   In my opinion, 1-800-FLOWERS is an example of an excellent company name.  It is extremely descriptive (you know what the company is right off the top).  It was clearly available at the time it was made.  The real genius, however, is the memorable piece.  Not only is the name memorable because it is unique (it’s a phone number… a phone number, folks!), but it's also the phone number.  Two birds, one stone.   Lastly, it’s natural. It just feels right, doesn’t it?

So, if you are serious about a start-up or considering a rebrand, contact Colossal Agency to learn more about how we can help you develop a DAMN good name for your brand. 

Until next time…