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The Internet Summit was #Awesome.

Wow. What a week. The Internet Summit in Raleigh this week was outstanding. We met so many awesome people and made some amazing business connections. But most importantly, the summit reenergized the agency.

We left this week feeling inspired, encouraged and grateful.

Inspired by all of the amazing things happening and developing on the internet today. (An overwhelming amount right here in our backyard I might add.)

Encouraged that our agency is progressive enough to understand the future of this world and the importance of the role that we as marketers will play in it.

And lastly, we left feeling incredibly grateful. Grateful that we get to live and witness such an influential and important time in history.

Decades from now children of our children’s children will be taught of this time much like our generation studied the “beyond their time” engineering and vision of the Mayans and Albert Einstein. This couldn’t have been better explained than the way Gary Vaynerchuck summed it up in his Day 1 keynote. He shared that we have only scratched the surface of where this digital age is headed. Smart pants, smart toilets and smart furniture. All engineered and marketed by the smart people that gathered in Raleigh this week.

What an amazing 30 years lie ahead. We’re excited, aren’t you?