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What Is Process Driven Brand Development?

Since the day we started the agency, our primary objective with the shop has always been to provide big agency talent and work to companies without big agency budgets.   One of the my favorite,  and honestly completley unexpected, dividends of that approach has been our clients willingness to trust our process.   It is, after all, what we sell.   A process.  So I suppose it begs the question, what is this process driven brand development all about?   I can only answer that question with what it is at Colossal Agency.  So here goes…

We subscribe to the notion that the way consumers behave, regardless of what is being consumed, changes very little.  Simply put, marketing a hamburger isn't all that different from marketing a car, sneakers or CPA services.   Of course there are nuances and differences unique to each, but the overall process is really much the same.   Put your consumer hat on for a minute.  If you were going to purchase a hamburger for lunch, you're likely going to choose where you visit based on your specific situation.  For example, if you are watching your budget you might look for a value offering, if you're looking for top quality ingredants, you might opt for a more pricey alternative or maybe you have a favorite burger joint and are a loyal fan.   In any event, what your purchasing isn't dictating your behavior, your situation is.   Replace that example with a car.  Certainly a completely different purchase, but a consumer on a budget will likely look for for an economy car, a consumer looking for quality might be willing to spend a little more for it and a loyal Ford driver will likely always opt for a Ford.

So, regardless of WHAT our clients are selling, we are more concerned with WHO they are selling it to and HOW the brand reflects (or should reflect) the company's position in the marketplace.

Our process always, without exception, starts in research.  The type and extent of the research may vary, but developing an understanding of consumer types, the category competition and the current brand perception in the marketplace is the most critical element in the process.    From our research findings we can evaluate and identify the opportunities.  Where are we different?  What is our position? What part of the category can we own?  What are consumers looking for?   Once we understand the marketplace, the consumer and the opportunities we can develop our market positioning and strategy.  At this point, we also develop brand filters to run each element of the brand through to ensure each is aimed toward the end objective.  Finally, we produce a complete brand standard complete with visual elements (logo, colors, fonts, graphics), a category positioning statement and tagline and/or marketing copy points.

Regardless of developing a new brand or giving a new life to an existing brand, our process is effective and proven.  Contact Colossal Agency today to find out we can help you connect with your customers more effectively and more often.

- CA