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PRIME Fitness USA - Brand Development/Website

PRIME Fitness USA is a commercial and home gym equipment brand by Specialty Fitness Systems in Franklin, PA. PRIME was SFS' first brand to go to market, and we helped them develop their brand from scratch. SFS had the manufacturing prowess, and we had the brand voice. Launched at the Fitness Club Industry convention in Chicago, PRIME hit the market with a new website, brand identity, and plenty of sales collateral we developed. Find Your Prime at

EG-GILERO - Rebrand/Logo Design

Ernie Green Industries (EGI) is a medical, automotive and industrial manufacturing company. EGI began to expand their medical line by buying up several different companies - GILERO Biomedical, EG ENNOVEA, and ValTech - and EGI became EG-GILERO. We branded and designed the logo for EG-GILERO, and changed EGI to EG+ to represent EG+'s presence in many different industries. Check out EG-GILERO at

EGI Logo - Before Rebranding

EGI Logo - After Rebranding

EG-GILERO Logo - After Rebranding

New Velocity - Rebrand/Logo Design

Costigan Training teaches salespeople how to close more effectively through online and in-person courses. But their website made them look about as professional as "two guys and a dog" as one of their customers put it. Knowing they needed some professional legitmacy, they turned to us. We took their boring brand voice and made it reflect the energy Costigan has for their sales coaching, including a new name to match that energy - New Velocity.  They wanted a logo that represented growth and acceleration, and were very pleased with the results. Colossal Agency also developed some custom web graphics for their new website, 

Costigan Training Logo - Before Rebranding

New Velocity Logo - After Rebranding

New Velocity Website Graphics

Blueforest Studios - Rebrand/Brand Development

When we met the team at Atlantic Creative, they were concerned that their brand no longer adequately represented their evolving business.  The company had grown from a on-hold marketing business to one of the premier video production studios in North Carolina.   The original brand was built on the primary focus of the on-hold portion of their business.  After extensive market research and a competitive study, we identified what makes Atlantic Creative different from every other video production company.  Their process doesn't stop at production.  They work with each client on a 27 point proven process to maximize the effectiveness of each video.  We leveraged that approach and carved out a niche in the category we call Integrated Video Production.  From there we implemented our brand development process and developed an entirely new brand... Blueforest Studios.  Visit to learn more. 

Atlantic Creative Logo - Before Rebranding:

Blueforest Studios Logo - After Rebranding:

EnviCor SmartTank - "The Smart Way"

Used cooking oil is a lot of things to a restaurant.  It's an eyesore, it's dangerous and it's bad for the environment.  However, with advancements in technology and the recent rise of biofuels, it's also become a valuable commodity.   The SmartTank from EnviCor is the used cooking oil solution for restaurants offering fried fare.   The SmartTank provides restaurants with the ability to maximize UCO revenues, improve operations and provide a safer work environment for their employees.   We developed a marketing platform that summarizes all of these benefits.  We call it "The Smart Way".  Visit to learn more. 

Lilypadz - Social Media Management 

Lilypadz is the most innovative nursing pad for new moms on the market.  While other pads simply absorb the leak, Lilypadz's unique 100% medical grade silicone design actually prevents the leak at the source.   Lilypadz is a product for mother invented by a mother, and that principle remains a very important part of their company culture.  Colossal Agency strategies, maintains and monitors all of LilyPadz social media presence including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Mommy Blogger programs.  The example below outlines a promotion to celebrate National Breastfeeding Awareness month (August) that would "give back" to their fans.   The result was the most impactful social media campaign in the company's history.  The campaign yielded over 1,300 entries, 1 ,000+ opt-in email contacts, 950+ new Facebook friends and a 72% increase in monthly reach. 

Apex Skate Plaza - Logo Design 

We believe in supporting the community we live and work in.  So when the town of Apex decided to build a state-of-the-art skate plaza for local skateboarders, we wanted to get involved.   The development for the Trackside skate plaza logo played a critical role in garnering the town’s support.  Being a city park, the skate plaza logo had to fit the town’s overall branding, while maintaining a young/cool vibe to win the kids support.   The logo Colossal Agency designed was met with huge support form both the town and the skateboarders alike.  

American Advertising Awards 2013 - "Remix"

Colossal Agency was honored to be selected as the agency of record to develop the branding for the 2013 RDU American Advertising Awards.   Design elements included the overall brand/theme, website design/development, promotional collateral and selection booklet.